Several years ago, during my work experience in Gulf region as a Head Interior Designer, I was desperate to accommodate some delicate and unique solitaire that catches the eye by true local deadal way and resists the aging just like early craftsman made and could satisfy the customer with peerless personalized feature. That was the very first hint which later led me to become co-founder of the KENDU Design brand that strives to explore connections and natural links between traditional and innovative techniques, materials and styles inspired by history.Today, the perfect blend between design and technology liberates us to make interior objects more appealing and unique, crafted with great skill in a meticulous process, from the initial idea to its finalization. Our designs aspire to bridge the past and the present with an impressive eye for the future.

Martina Uhrinova, Interior Designer / Art Director

KENDU Design grew in 2014 as a brainchild of work & life partners, interior designer Martina Uhrinova and innovator Milan Illes. The design project was launched in Wohnen&Interieur 2015 in Vienna as a multidisciplinary designer’s and manufacturer’s brand of Eastern European background. More than decade of practice in high-end interior design turn-key projects in Australia, Middle East, UK and Eastern Europe gives us hint to arise the first comprehensive amphibious collection. In collaboration with reputable artist Michal Czinege and designer Eliska Dudova, the collection was created.

Utilizing an ever-growing selection of environmentally-friendly resources for the brand, we believe to bring ultimate heritage signature to each handled product. Design management takes inevitable role during the creation process, starting with the sketches to final production. Every detail is taken care of to achieve best quality and result while manufacturing in Slovak workshops and European producers. We try to make each product yet giving a unique impression to any contemporary place.

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